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Assignment OverviewThis presentation assignment requires stu

    Assignment OverviewThis presentation assignment requires students to explain the vessels of the cardiovascular system and how blood pressure is measured.DeliverablesA PowerPoint presentation and an assessment toolStep 1 Develop a presentation.Imagine that you have been asked to develop an in-service training about blood pressure. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that:Explains the different blood vessels in the body and their functionExplains how to take a blood pressureIncludes a brief discussion of hypertension and shockThe presentation should be about 8 minutes long and should contain no more than 10 slides. You can use any teaching tool, animation, video, or other media from the Internet that you think would fit well into your presentation. Cite your sources.Step 2 Write a quiz.Write a 10-question quiz to check comprehension of the material contained in your presentation. Create an answer key to the quiz as well. The quiz should be attached to the power point, at the end.APA FORM, NO PLAGIARISM AND PROVIDE ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS. THANK’S

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