Assignment Instructions: Please watch the videos below and then respond in 4 paragraphs – when done, I will be sending another reply to get feedback on

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.

1) Relate it to your own personal experience and provide examples of if you see it as being relevant or not in your life

2) Relate to what is in the chapter – cite the page source and quote text where the videos agree or disagree with the text and how does it relate

3) Find Something in Social Media (non-academic sourced material) that either supports the book and the videos or goes against the book or the material.……

4.) In the beginning of the video Alison Gopnik states beginning at 19 seconds into the Ted Talk Video that over twenty years ago psychologist thought that a baby’s “mind was irrational, illogical, egocentric, that he couldn’t take the perspective of another person or understand cause and effect.” Thinking about just the start of her speech I immediately think back to all my days as a child care worker wondering how different it would be if I had been born some thirty years ago what would my mind think of children and would it be different because of the time that I had been set in. We are talking about baby brain growth this week – This statement above really has changed. What can you add to the board that shows how we think differently about maturation of children now compared to even 20 years ago??…

Post a question on the Discussion Board that reflects the above

To get full credit –

1) Site your source (time in video or page in book – or web site used!!) so other people can see it as well. On every question

2) Ask a question that you thought of while reading the chapter

3) ONCE YOU POST – Answer someone else’s question with material from the course!! This has to be done after the assignment is done. I will be sending someone else’s post to reply on.


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