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Assignment for the Goddesses and Mortals in The Epic of Gil

    Assignment for the Goddesses and Mortals in The Epic of Gilgamesh The story takes place in Ancient Mesopotamia where one of the earliest civilizations arose. Mesopotamia is today modern Iraq. The essay should begin with a short summary of the Epic. Next, should identify each of the women including the goddesses and the mortal women and describe the roles that they played in society. Answer the following questions: Do the women act autonomously? Do they have power? In the conclusion, should answer one of the following the questions: What does this story tell us about the role of women in the founding of civilization? Was ancient Mesopotamia and gendered society? How do the role and treatment of women in ancient Mesopotamia compare to what we learned about the Greek treatment of women.… use these passages in your assessments of the women. primary sources attached

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