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Assignment extractThis is a work group assignment.Rationale

    Assignment extract:This is a work group assignment.Rationale: A major component of working as a dietitian, a healthpromotion officer or a nutritionist, in either a community healthsetting or a public health setting, is the development of appropriateplans for how to intervene to improve health outcomes. This assessmentbuilds on the needs assessment task in planning a nutrition interventionfor your target group or community.Your intervention plan should contain the following sections:-intervention goals and objectives, -incorporating a plan for theirevaluation behavior change theory used (justify your choice) -detailed strategies for the intervention (include details of partnerships and justify sustainability of the strategies -timeline for the intervention including evaluation.PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT OUR NEEDS ASSESSMENT TO KNOW HOW TO MEET THESE NEEDS BY BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE AND CONSISTENT STRATEGIES.Criteria for marking: -Intervention plan – goals and objectivesGoals and objectives well defined, SMART, and evaluation clearlyspecified. Model of behaviour change appropriate and well justified 4marks.-Intervention strategiesIntervention strategies are clearly outined, together with a cleartimeline. The strategy mix contains achievable and sustainableinitiatives, that involve relevant partners 6 marks.

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