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Assignment Current Topic PaperSubmit a two page paper discu

    Assignment: Current Topic PaperSubmit a two page paper discussing an article you found through internet researchthat pertains to the class. Please have at least two references, and usein-text citations.Read over these chapters to get ideawhat to research on the internet. Remember, references and citations on paper.Payment for this assignment will be administered on Friday 9/17/2014 for the down payment and remainder of payment of totaling flat rate budget range of $10.00. I need the assignment no later than Saturday 9/18/2014 6:00 pm EST.Page numbers: Part 1: 13Part 2 ll-1: 253Part 2 ll-2: 259Part 2 ll-3: 278Part 2 ll-4: 310Note: Open first the ‘Open PDF file’Open PDF File  Strategic ManagementITProceed

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