Assignment 4: Setting the Leadership Tone

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The business will be opening up my own recording studio

We’re going to keep building on your leadership and decision-making plans.

  1. Based on the material we’ve covered so far, what is your preferred leadership style(s)? Additionally, based on your industry objectives and environment, which style(s) is going to best situate you for success (and please describe whether you agree with the results of the leadership style quiz; are there instances where you envision using a different style or hybrid of styles? Be sure to describe/articulate why, or why not, a particular style or hybrid may best address given situations in your operation and leadership.
  2. Please describe how your leadership style will help you set the tone within your organization. Be sure to explain and justify how your decision-making and leadership preferences affect team decision dynamics; overall morale; and setting the tone of your organization.
  3. Now it’s time for to apply your leadership approach a hypothetical scenario, you are tasked with spearheading your independent artist’s new public relations and marketing campaigns for her new album release and touring activities.Although you feel that you’ve effectively mapped out her career plan, as a responsible manager you realize when an industry focus isn’t your specialty, and it’s imperative to bring in outside help. To that end, you’ve engaged the services of a public relations (PR) team. After entering into a three-month retainer with them, you discover that you’ve essentially (unknowingly) delegated a fair amount of your decision-making and leadership authority in this area to these outside consultants.In order to get back in control of the situation, you need outside advice and leadership examples to inform your plan of action.Please identify and describe an example of what you consider to be delegative leadership and decision-making that can help guide you in regaining your leadership role in this important area of your artist’s career. Be sure to thoroughly and specifically explain and justify your choice and reasoning.You should feel free to choose from any industry. What is crucial here is for you to apply lessons learned from other leaders and decision makers to your approach.


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