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Assignment 3.1 Discussion — The Value of Customer Relatio

    Assignment 3.1: Discussion — The Value of Customer Relationship ManagementEvery business and organization has products, services, and/or ideas it wants people to purchase or “buy into.” To do this, the business must understand the elements of the product and/or service and how and why they appeal to the customer. But almost every business wants not only to succeed, but also to expand. To do this, you must entice non-customers into the marketplace and appeal to this segment to buy.In this assignment, you will discuss the ever-present need for growing the market by converting the non-customer into a customer.ProcedureIdentify a product and/or service you know and use, understanding the reasons you use this product and/or service.Contemplate and identify why another individual would not purchase this product.Using your discussion forum posting, identify how marketers or the producers could reach out to the non-customer and fully convert them into customers without losing their current customers (you included).

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