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Assignment 2 Summary Assignment. I have attached the chapter

    Assignment 2 Summary Assignment. I have attached the chapter on Asthma from my classroom textbook to help with this assignment.  It is needs to be in APA format, with intext citations including page numbers within that citation.  This teacher was the use of clinical words and phrases to be the ultimate priority (as you can see from the rubric below).  If Asthma isn’t a good choice for a disease, please let me know and I can find another one from the book.  I thought this was a good choice since I am asthmatic LOL.Write a comprehensive medical report on a disease wehave studied up to this point. Be sure to include all relevant medicalhistory, testing/diagnostics, treatment options and recommended plan ofaction. Paper should be APA format and 4-6 pages submitted to thedropbox.Asthma chapterAssignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum PointsDiscussion/diagnostic determination on possible disease with differential diagnosis.40Explanation of testing methods30Use of correct medical vocabulary with comprehension of material30Suggested treatments and potential outcome of disorder40Adhered to the page limit.10Applied APA standards for writing style.10Total:160

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