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Assignment 1:I have a class called Comp and Modern English.

    Choose a subject that you can both evaluate and make a confident judgment about. Write an essay evaluating this subject. State your judgment clearly and back it up with reasons and support. Describe the subject for readers unfamiliar with it, and give them a context for understanding it. Your purpose is to convince readers that your judgment is informed and based on generally accepted standards for this kind of subject.

    Topic ideas:- A film or group of films by a single director or actor- A hit song or music CDopy- A live or videotaped concert or theatrical performance- A magazine or newspaper- A book- A club or organized activity- A contemporary political movement- A proposed or existing law- A noteworthy person- An artist, a writer or his or her works- A website- A particular product or brand- An article or an essay

    Assignment 2:Please write a grammar Assessment Journal: Self-assessment of this essay (at least 220 words). Like you think your essay where to write good, where to write a bad place needs to be promoted later. Grammar and sentence. A self-evaluation analysis of the essay.

    Assignment 3:Practice building an argument. This discussion board offers a very low key approach to argumentation but is a good way to practice argumentation. Choose a movie that you think is an excellent film OR a poor representation of film making. Not a movie that you love or hate necessarily but one that you believe was done well or done poorly. Write a paragraph offering an evaluation of this film explaining why it is or isn’t successful in what it is trying to accomplish. Before writing your evaluation, write a one to two-sentence summary of the film and its purpose and then give your evaluative, reasoned judgment. (at least 250 words)

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