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Assessment InstructionsUse the Product Lifecycle Worksheet t

    Assessment InstructionsUse the Product Lifecycle Worksheet to plan the tasks ortactics for a marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion) in variousstages of the product lifecycle (introduction, growth, maturity, and decline).You are encouraged to focus on one particular company in completing all of thesections of the Product Lifecycle Worksheet.For example, for the place aspect of the marketing mix for aproduct at REI, in the introduction phase of the product lifecycle, the productmight be distributed on a limited basis, only to specific flagship stores. Asthe product moves to the decline phase of the product cycle, REI might chooseto distribute the product in outlet stores. Refer to the Product LifecycleWorksheet for further examples. Complete all of the sections of the worksheet,identifying tasks or tactics for each aspect of the marketing mix at each stageof the product lifecycle.Product Lifecycle Worksheet

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