Skip to content example, there are user controls onthis co For example, there are user controls onthis code which I am sending you, how are these user controls being called whenthe page loads ?Here is code:<%@ Page Language=’VB’AutoEventWireup=’false’ CodeFile=’Default.aspx.vb’Inherits=’PRC_Default’ ValidateRequest=’false’%><%@ RegisterSrc=’includes/footer.ascx’ TagName=’footer’TagPrefix=’uc3′ %><%@ RegisterSrc=’includes/menu.ascx’ TagName=’menu’TagPrefix=’uc2′ %><%@ Register Src=’../includes/header2.ascx’TagName=’header’ TagPrefix=’uc1′ %><%@ RegisterSrc=’includes/menufooter.ascx’ TagName=’menufooter’TagPrefix=’uc4′ %><%@ RegisterAssembly=’Telerik.Web.UI’ Namespace=’Telerik.Web.UI’TagPrefix=’telerik’ %>Premier ResourceCenter

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