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Asian studies10pagesTopicThe History of Chinese VesselsTypeE

    Asian studies10pagesTopicThe History of Chinese VesselsTypeEssayLevelCollegeStyleMLASourcesLanguageEnglish(U.S.)DescriptionI would like to have the paper be about the different existing vessels, why they were used, how they were made, and the meanings of its shape such as the shape of animals used on the vessels and why it was done so. Also, I would like a comparison of the vessels used in each Chinese Dynasties and also their social importance in relationship with the designs and development on styles.There are 4 categories of vessels: cooking, serving, wine, and water. Basic types of cooking vessels (Ding, Li, and Yan). Serving vessels (Gui, Fu, Xu, Dui, Dou). Wine Vessels (Zun, Hu, Gong, Fang, Yi, Jue, Jia, and Jiao). Water vessels (Jian, Pan, Yi)

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