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As a result of this class, students will integrate the knowl

    As a result of this class, students will integrate the knowledge of self and assessment of career values, occupationalinterests, skills, personality style, work environment preferences; concentration and career exploration; exposure tocareer and occupational information resources to make initial decisions, set goals and action planning foroccupational options using multiple resources.Career Planning and Development Learning Results Met:Demonstrate an understanding of in-depth exploration and assessment of career values, occupational interests,skills, personality style, work environment preferences; concentration and career exploration; exposure to careerand occupational information resources.Use a career planning process that includes self-assessment, job search strategies and tools, personaldevelopment, and planning as a way to gain initial entry into the workplaceLearn the decision-making, goal-setting and action planning; and self-marketing techniques for effective careermanagement.Textbook – “The Career Tool Kit – Skills and Success”, The forth Edition by Carol Carter and Gary IzumoResearch Project Essay Prompt:This essay is your culminating assignment for this course. For this assignment, you are to write a comprehensiveessay based upon the choices you are making about majors and career fields. It should reflect the discussions, self-discovery exercises, campus resources, career resources, and reflective activities you have completed throughout thecourse.• To clarify Interests, Skills and Values, complete the Discover Yourself Activities.• For job and major descriptions, consider checking out the related job posting in career websitesUse the following prompts to guide your analysis: Provide a detailed description of your ideal job (include the types of things you would be responsiblefor and any other details important to you) State the specific job title of an occupation of interest to you. What type of company would you be interested in working for?o Provide the name of at least one company/organization.o Where is the ideal location in the country/world to work for this company?2. What major are you Studying? Provide a description of your major. Describe your learning objective by completing this major. What will you learn in this major that will be helpful for the occupation you are considering? Are internships/fieldwork/research courses required for this major? How do you feel about that3 Conduct an Informational Interview with someone in the occupation you selected, or with an academicadvisor in the major you are studying, and incorporate the information gained from the interview into youressay. Use your personal or other resources to find someone to interview (i.e., ask classmates, friends,family members, work peers, etc.) You should prepare at least 5 questions for your interview (reference tothe text book), but you may ask additional questions as well if you’d like.You should ask any questions that are important to you – job market for the field, salary range, job roles,skill requirements, etc. Ask for that person’s business card or contact information and be sure to follow upwith a thank you note or card to whomever you interview. (Be sure to dress appropriately and be on timefor your appointment.)Incorporate your Career Assessment results into your analysis. Consider how the interests, values, skills, personality traits, and strengths that you possess will fit thisjob.Provide a description of at least one activity (such as volunteer work, working experience, internship, etc)that could help you to get your ideal job.You might want to include in your introduction your families’ career choices or circumstances thatinfluenced you in your choice of career fields.Your conclusion should sum up and analyze what you have learned from your job and major research andwhat you plan to do with this information. For instance, you might find that you are now even moreinterested in your career field and major; you might discover that you want to change your mind about yourmajor or career; or you might discover that you need to complete more research.Format Requirements: Typed, double-spaced, with 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins. Contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. 4-5 pages in length Resources cited in MLA format Career Research Project and Essay(100 points)

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