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As a paralegal, part of your job will be to type up response

    As a paralegal, part of your job will be to type up responses todiscovery requests, including interrogatories. Sometimes, a client mighthave written out responses, and you will simply be typing them into thedocument. Other times, you will need to assist the client in formattingresponses. Also, your supervising attorney may wish to ‘object’ tocertain questions. For this assignment, use the provided discovery requests from the defendant’s counsel in this employment discrimination case.Insert our client (the Plaintiff’s), responses, which have been provided as well.Do not change the content of the client’s responses, but be sure toclean up the language for spelling and grammatical concerns. Your workwill be reviewed by your supervising attorney before it is served, buthe has advised you that he wants the following objections included inthe responses:Object to any question which requests medical information, as itis an invasion of privacy, not reasonably calculated to lead to thediscovery of relevant information.Object to any question requesting social media information, as the requests are overbroad and irrelevant.Object to any questions that are unlimited in time (i.e., askfor all jobs ever held) as they are overbroad and unlimited in time.It is your job to accurately format the objections. A set ofgeneral objections has already been placed in the beginning of theresponses for you.

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