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April Findley_IT401_IP2.doc.docx ( Above is the work I have

    April Findley_IT401_IP2.doc.docx ( Above is the work I have to reference off of)Developing a distributed system can be complex. There are usuallymany components that must be acquired or developed, and each area of thesystem must communicate with other parts of the system. It is importantto understand the major tasks involved and create a plan for thedevelopment of the system.For this assignment, you will identify the resources required for thedevelopment of the system and the timeline for the project. For thispart of the project, it will be helpful to look at the developmentprocesses of industry standard distributed systems, such as the CORBAdistributed object environment and the Java 2 Enterprise Architecture(J2EE). You will also modify your consultant’s analysis report toaddress any new issues you discover.The following are the project deliverables:Update the Consultant’s Analysis Report document title page with a new date and project name.Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback.Include the following new content:ResourcesList the resources required for the project including personnel,hardware, software, and any other resources necessary to complete thedevelopment of the project.The personnel resources should be categorized by job function.Costs should be assigned to all resources. TimelineIdentify the major milestones for the project.Determine the time required to complete the tasks necessary for each milestone.Create a timeline for the project showing the milestone durations and completion dates. Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.Name the document yourname_IT401_IP3.docSubmit the document for grading.

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