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Application: Cognitive Testing InstrumentsHow might a clinic

    Application: Cognitive Testing InstrumentsHow might a clinician determine a client’s cognitive abilities or how might a clinician integrate testing data reflecting a client’s cognitive abilities into a therapeutic intervention? Evaluating a test used to measure cognitive ability takes skill to recognize what type of cognitive assessment is most appropriate based upon the client’s presenting issues. For this Assignment, review the interactive media, Virtual Client. Revisit the virtual client that you have selected and review the presenting issues. Consider what types of cognitive tests are appropriate to use to evaluate his or her cognitive abilities based on the client information. In addition, review the hypothetical cognitive tests results and analyze these results in light of your client’s presenting problems. Consider how these results might be used in the client’s treatment plan. In this assignment you are not being asked to establish the presence or absence of an intellectual disability. Instead, you are being asked to consider the results from a test of intelligence to assist you in understanding the causes of the client’s presenting problem and in formulating a plan of treatment. The Assignment (5–7 pages):Part A:Summarize the presenting problem of the virtual client and create a hypothesis.Select a cognitive test from the Mental Measurements Yearbook. (Note: You are to select a test that is not listed in this week’s Learning Resources.) Evaluate and explain why this test is most appropriate to assess the client’s cognitive skills and justify your selection.Part B:Evaluate the Mock Assessment Results provided below.Explain whether the evaluation results support or invalidate your hypothesis of the presenting problem.Justify your response.Briefly describe which additional tests or assessment methods that you might consider for your client.Explain two ways that you might integrate the evaluation results into client treatment planning and why. Mock Assessment ResultsLocate your virtual client in the following list.Results of Assessment for CHC Factors: Virtual Client 1: Weakness in Gs and Gr; Strength in GfVirtual Client 2: Weakness in GsVirtual Client 3: Weakness in GrSupport your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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