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answer either Part A or Part B:A. Think of a time when you w

    answer either Part A or Part B:A. Think of a time when you worked with someone who was from a different cultural and/or religious background than your own. What did you learn from this person? Did your personal encounters with this person result in any changes in your thoughts, values, or beliefs? Why or why not?B. What are your values, beliefs, and practices about health and healthcare and how might they affect nurse client communication?Must be 250-300 wordsMust be APA FormatAssigned ReadingsBlais, K. & Hayes, J. (2015). Professional nursing practice, concepts and perspectives (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. — Chapters 21 and 22Supplemental ReadingsDudas, K. I. (2012). Cultural competence: An evolutionary concept analysis. Nursing Education Perspectives, 33(5), 317-321.

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