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Answer each of the following questions below- 200 words each

    Answer each of the following questions below- 200 words each minimum. 5.1 What are planning, strategy, and strategic management, and why are they important to me as a manager?5.2 What are mission and vision statements, and what are three types of planning and goals?5.3 What are the three types of goals, and what are different kinds of plans?6.1 What is strategic positioning, and what are the three principles that underlie it?6.2 What’s the five-step recipe for the strategic management process?6.5 How can three techniques–Porter’s four competitivestrategies, diversification and synergy, and the BCG matrix–help meformulate strategy?6.6 How does effective execution help managers during the strategic-management process? Please cite your references. The questions came from: Kinicki, A., Williams, B. K. (2016). Management: A Practical Introduction (7th ed). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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