Analyze the compensation issues existed in system by reading over the case and related materials

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Analyze this case. What are the major HR issues at Columbus Custom Carpentry (in particular, focus on compensation, but other issues may be highlighted)? What suggestions would you make to correct these issues?

The case itself assigns a preliminary report, written formal response, and an oral presentation. You can ignore that; you will just turn in one written report. You have access to the employee handbook (with information about HR policies), an overview and interviews with employees, and excel spreadsheets with data on pay and turnover. You may want to look at turnover rates and potential EEOC issues when analyzing the case. Things to consider:

  • How much turnover is too much?
  • What is causing the turnover at Columbus Custom Carpentry?
  • Did pay cause the interdepartmental issues or did interdepartmental issues causenthe pay problems?
  • How is pay determined? What is fair?
  • What are the consequences of poor internal equity?
  • What are the consequences of poor external equity?
  • How can pay grades help prevent internal equity problems?
  • How can pay grades help prevent external equity problems?
  • Are the assembly technicians overpaid? If so, how or why did this come about?
  • Are the craters underpaid? If so, why? Will they still be underpaid if the customhand work portion of their job is eliminated by the jig system?


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