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Aminimum 1,000-word essay will be worked on as a group.Brief

    Aminimum 1,000-word essay will be worked on as a group.Briefly describe how the Bible isrelated to the topics covered in the course. An integration of the Biblemust be explicitly shown in relation to a course topic in order to receivepoints. In addition, at least 2 other outside, scholarly sources (the text maycount as 1) should be used to substantiate the group’s position. This assignmentmust be submitted to SafeAssign as well as the Discussion Board Forum by 1 ofthe group members. Individual projects are not allowed. Social loafing is notacceptable and will result in you earning a grade of 0.I’m not sure how many people are in our group, but I suggest eachof us selecting a topic to write, then to write about 250 words each andinclude references. Once compiled, someone (I volunteer, if we all agree)integrate the topics together and format in APA.When I think of accounting I think of accuracy, fairness, honesty,taking the conservative path, responsibility to my profession – all of thesethemes have basis in the Word of God.  Other themes and ideas you allthink of?I NEED SOMEONE WITH BELIEF IN GOD AND CHRISTIAN BELIEFS. THANK YOU

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