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    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PROVIDE A RESPONSE TO THE DISCUSSION BOARD BELOW – 150 OR MORE WORDS – NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER Tyler TriselWed May 10, 2017 at 9:07 pmManaging a small business and being solely responsible of the marketing of the business I have experienced many bumps along the road. Our finances don’t have the backing to create a large television presence. What a lot of these larger corporations have in their favor is the ability to advertise their business multiple times a night on many differeny channels which creates a massive awareness of their business and deals that they have to offer. What you experience as a small business owner or a person in charge of marketing for that small business is potential dead ends in the finance department. As a business completely relying on referral or local advertisement we find to be not gaining as much business as preferred. One benefit that we have is younger professionals. This generation is reliant on the technological age and wants the internet to dictate where they go for their business. As a vision care provider these young professionals can go to their vision insurance website, type in a zip code, and a list of providers will pop up with reviews to go along with their search results. This sole search as create a positive feedback in new patients that we have seen spending money at our office and keeping our small business open. Another aspect that is could become a problem from resources for a small business is accounting for the organization. When it comes to small business more often than not there a limited number of employees in which it takes to operate that business. These employees have a lot of responsibilities that consumers the majority of their days. For example, in our office I have the responsibility of organizing the store, cleaning, ensuring patients are taken care of, inventory management, customer service complaints, medical billing, percentage tracking, and many other tasks. My co-worker has the task of pulling insurance, pre-testing, and calling patients to notify orders are ready. With all of these tasks at hand we find our resources to be stretched out and the accounting side of the business seems to be lacking. Luckily, the owners husband is an accountant and takes care of all of our accounting problems and essentially take care of taxes at the end of the year. Thankfully, we have lucked out in some of the problems a small business has faced but definitely have areas in which we can improve on. Show Less

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