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After completing your readings for this week and watching t

    After completing your readings for this week and watching the film, McFarland, U.S.A., briefly describe the community prior to Coach White’s arrival and at the end of the film, identifying strengths and challenges. Identify at least three ways that White learned about his new community that helped him ultimately be successful in creating community change. Next identify and give a brief description of your community, including name, and if a geographically-placed community, its location. Then describe your community in terms of its challenges and strengths. If you were a macro social work practitioner hired to work in your community, name three things that you would do to learn more about it. Given what you already know about the community, what community strengths and challenges do you think you would discover as a newly-hired social workerPlease submit one original post (400-500 words) Cite the text when appropriate for the discussion prompt above. To receive maximum credit for this assignment, you must integrate and cite content from Kirst-Ashman and Hull chapter 1, the Homans chapter, and the film. You can also cite at least one additional relevant peer-reviewed journal article if you wish (optional), but you will not receive full points unless you also cite the required readings. (Readings may be cited in either your initial posting or your responses to peers.) Be sure that you have addressed all parts of the required response.

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