Adolescent Substance abuse mft/lcsw

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These are two different questions and should be answered separately with a minimum of 200 words each, and each must include 1 intext cite. Please use reading attached to answer questions

question 1

ake a look at Case Study 1: Sally on page 144 (Steiner & Hall, 2015).

Discuss the factors that led to the development of Sally’s substance use.

Also, discuss what severity level you think her substance use is at and how you assessed it. Use specific examples from the case study.

question 2

ake a look at Case Study 2: Charles on page 147 (Steiner & Hall, 2015).

The case describes symptoms of disordered mood and symptoms of disordered drug use. Please describe the symptoms, the difficulty in diagnosis this presents, and ultimately how you would go about clarifying the diagnostic picture so that you can begin treatment.

Other reading


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