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    Add a master page and then add at least 3 content pages to make an Online Shopping site. However, you may modify the design of the site with more than 3 content pages. Themaster page provides the site title, logo, header, site navigationmenu, and footer of your signature for all pages of the site.  AddApp_Themes folder with css files to style the pages.  Please use anyfarm prodcuts (fruits, trees,  etc.) as items for sale.(I will  provide you with the logo and the  signature in the footer)TheHome page introduces the site and shows multiple products with itemname, description, unit price, and allow purchase quantity to beentered.  Show at least 4 items to be ordered. The selected items willbe added into a shopping cart.  The cart can be an array list of itemobject.The user maypreview the shopping cart by selecting ‘View Cart’ from navigation menuand an order summary will be presented.  Items may be modified (removeand quantity update) at this view cart page. Multiple items can be addedinto the cart in multiple times by going back to the home page.Themenu also has a Check Out link which will ask the customer to enter thebuyer information. Use ASP.NET MVC validators to verify the inputtextboxes.  Use a submit button to present an invoice at the bottom ofthis check out page.  And a confirm button will clear the shopping cartand return to home page for next transaction. Torecap, the 3 links on the navigation menu are (1) the Home page withitem selections, (2) the view cart page which allows remove and changequantity for items,  and (3) the check out page which receives buyerinfo and shows invocie.Someprogramming details: Use the same Master Page for the 3 content pages. Use seperate CSS files to style the pages for layout and color.  Usetheme folder to hold the CSS files.  Use an ArrayList data type sessionvariable to hold the shopping cart across pages (refer to the attachedfile). Add ‘Using System.Collections;’ at the top of C# code to enablethe usage of ArrayList data type.Note: You must have a minimum of 3 content pages.  Do not use a single MultiView page.Do NOT use anytemplate, even the default template.    Use a database to retrieve and display products information.Use ASP.NET MVC to build the site.

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