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Active Learner Exercise&nbspWhen you have a passion for someth

    Active Learner Exercise: When you have a passion for something that requires skill and learning (a hobby, exercise, video game, etc.), learning it is easy. Identify what that is and briefly ponder how you learn. For the following quick exercise, don’t be concerned with complete sentences or spelling. Simply write from your heart.Complete this sentence: “One thing I enjoyed learning is _________.”If you have a hard time completing this sentence, use the following questions to jog your memory.What do you know more about than most people?What are you good at?What skills have you mastered?What are your hobbies?What have you spent a lot of time doing?How did you learn the “thing” you identified in #1?How did you gather the information you needed to learn this?What did you do to learn the information or skills needed to learn this?How often did you engage in learning this?When you engaged in learning this, how long did you usually spend?What feedback did you use to determine how well you had learned?How did you feel when you were engaged in learning this?What were the rewards for learning this?Can you translate any of the above to maximize your learning in college?

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