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A. Scope – The final project will be your creation of a Cris

    A. Scope – The final project will be your creation of a Crisis Communication Plan for your organization or an organization of your choice. Using the materials from your weekly assignments, develop a detailed CCP. Use Appendix AGo through the steps of the Crisis Communication Plan, and develop a good – detailed CCP.B. Objective – The objective is to apply all of what you’ve learned in this course to your organization.C. Format- Use the APA style for all citations.- Project has neither minimum nor maximum length. Cover the material to the best of your ability.- Project will be typewritten in MS Word- Project will have 1′ margins- Project will be in 12 point Times New Roman fontD. General Guidance- As you work on your project, you are encouraged to use information in the discussion questions throughout this course. Take what you have been working on from the beginning and continue to develop it.- This project should end up looking similar to one of the Appendices in your text, but tailored to your organization of choice.- Feel free to change any names you wish, but do not change position titles nor duty descriptions.Think through your project. Ask yourself the questions we’ve discussed in this course.- Key to your success is how well you’ve thought through your organization’s crisis communication – and how well you’ve communicated it!

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