A 3-4 page historical narrative and explanation of an environmental problem (double space)

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Short Essay: A 3-4 page historical narrative and explanation of an environmental problem that has affected you and/or your hometown in some way. This could be any number of things, but think specifically about something that has happened, or is happening now, in or near where you live or grew up. You will then use the course material and one outside academic source to place the problem in its regional/national/global context; discuss who is affected most by the problem; and explain what kinds of efforts have been undertaken, if any, to address the problem. PLEASE NOTE, YOU MOST LIKELY TO USE THE SUPPORTING POINTS FROM READINGS TO APPLY INTO THIS ESSAY. Only use ONE outside source!!!!!

I have attached the essay prompt with details in a file “essay prompt” and some readings the I have learned throughout this course. Please read through! Pls note you need to have a main argument/ major issue using readings to support you argument! use as many as examples, evidences from readings to be get at least a B… apply critical thinking and political view of perspectives to get full credit. Please help! this essay worths 20% of my total grade. So I need at least 16/20 to get a B-

I prefer receive the work early to edit, fix, and avoid technical issue. I will give you 10 days for it so you have time to research and read the texts. I will post more files about what I learn later in case you need it. Please have reference/ work cited in separate page.


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