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7. When recording vendor information, the _______ window isu

    7. When recording vendor information, the _______ window isused to enter this information.A. Maintain Vendors and TasksB. Customer Defaults and Maintain Customers/Sales RepsC. Vendor DefaultsD. Inventory Item Defaults and Pay Bills11. Which of the following is an example of a complexformula in Excel?A. =B6<=B1+3B. =375*4+200C. =Revenues – Cost of Goods SoldD. =SUM(A12:G19)12. In Peachtree, there are two ways to record entries fromthe transaction register: from theA. System page, link to synchronize Peachtree.B. Menu bar or the Navigation Bar.C. Banking tasks and view reports selections.D. System Page and Analysis Tools.16. The default inventory costing method used by Peachtreeis theA. average.B. FIFO.C. straight-line.D. LIFO.17. The account credited on the Receipts windowA. irrelevant because the Receipts window doesn’t need tohave an account credited.B. is the GL Account selected.C. is Account No. 1020, Checking Account.D. is Account No. 1040, IRA Savings.18. When you want to create an invoice in Peachtree withoutinventory items, you need to use which ofthe following forms?A. Purchase invoiceB. Service invoiceC. Sales orderD. Sales invoice19. The account type specified on the chart of accounts isalso the account classification for theA. general ledger.B. balance sheet and income statement.C. general journal.D. cash receipts journal.

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