641-2 Yhomit

PART ONE 500 words TOTAL APA format 3 source minimum

A) Conduct a web search for the key words “parallel computing”. Then complete the following:  

1. Get the references of 5 sites that come up with the best, most informative results.

2. Based on your scanning of these 5 sites, 

o Summarize a one paragraph description (of at least 250 words) of what parallel computing means

o Provide which source you used exactly where in your paragraph, by providing the article author’s last name, year of the publication of the article or the last modified date of the website, and the page or paragraph number where your citation can be found. Use the following format (authorLastName, year, p.# or para.#). Try to use all 5 sources  

B) Find an example of service or device that uses parallel computing.



answer the below questions. Please complete the questions in a Word document. Use examples from the readings, lecture notes and outside research to support your answers. All questions must answered with viable support and detail.  Your answer cannot simply be a cited source answering the question. 

1. Time division multiple access was used early in cell phone systems to carry how many voice channels on a single frequency derived channel?
2. What code does CDMA use to encode individual cell phone conversations?
3. Which cell phone transmission technology uses spread-spectrum transmission?
4. Which of the following has a complex security system that is based on encryption: PCS, GMS, PSTN, or WAP?
5. Through a web search contrast CDMA with PCS systems. Which major providers offer CDMA, and which PCS?
6. Search for the keyword WAP on http://Scholar.Google.com. Are there any details on how to hack during a WTLS-to-SSL conversion? Write your findings in detail here, including proper citation and references. 125 words per question APA format 1 source minimum per  question (source can be used for other questions)

SOURCES: Traynor, McDaniel, & LaPorta       – Chapter 3 (ATTACHED) use additional sources


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