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5 page essay. Font size 12. Double spaced. The essay is abou

    5 page essay. Font size 12. Double spaced. The essay is about income inequality between middle class and the top 1%. Needs evidence quoted and sources from the evidence found Income Inequality between middle class and the top 1%P1: Thesis statementWhat is the top 1% and who does it consist ofWhy is it so difficult to jump the wealth gap?What can be done to fix this income inequality? P2: What,who, why, how top 1%What do these people to to get in the top 1%Who makes up the top 1%names/company CEO etcHow do they stay in the top 1%Why has the gap grown between the top1% and the rest of the income earnersWhat do they think about being in the top 1%What do they contribute to society? P3: Historical factorsP4: The wealth gapHistorical gaps in wealth and their outcomes1928, 1981, 1989, 2008Percentage of income earned by top 1% in the 70’s vs todayWhat does that mean for the economyhealthcarehow is health care differenteducationhow are educational opportunities different expectationsjob opportunities out of collegestudent loan burdenhomeownershipare there less people able to buy homeshow has homeownership changed in the last 30 yearsdebthow many people are in debt since 2008how many people are struggling to pay back debtspenalties for big banks and institutions that cause the collapse fairness to the middle classeffect on middle class P5: Closing the gapwhat can be done to close this gapwhat is the top 1 % willing to give upwhy will it be difficult to change current policies?top 1 % in congress and their campaign donors. issues with making corporations people.

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