5 Page Business Paper

Be sure to include your sources. The company that the paper needs to be about is Tesla. Someone with experience with business papers please. I’ve gotten papers on here with many grammar mistakes and awkward flow of thought. Please finish one thought before jumping to the next, and please watch the grammar. Here are the instructions from my professor.

Write a minimum of a Five (5) page “opinion” paper covering the bullets bellow. The paper needs to be double spaced using a 12 font. Please cover most of the following in your paper, remember this is an “opinion” paper, so there are no right or wrong positions. I am looking for creativity and support for your position. Industry and ethical practices Competition and who is winning Marketing Strategy and its effectiveness Financial strength Product line and Environmental impact Treatment of Employees Equal pay for equal work Employee Benefits Good/Bad Leadership Good/Bad for community Ability to Design Goods and Services Ability to Manage Quality Use these bullets as a guide to what your research should focus on but do not limit yourself to these bullets. Be creative and make sure you take a “POSITION”.


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