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5-1 Post response on Shared Memory Pages discussion

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    Post 1. Nick Nasse posted Dec 5, 2022 3:51 PM


    Hello to all and hello to week five! – We’re almost half way done!

    After searching for “shared memory pages” I found the image below by Bansal (2022) that most closely relates to our text.

    Although it is a simple image, it relays the gist of the discussion topic. More importantly, it’s an extra piece of memory. It is attached to some address spaces for their owners to use. And that exactly is the process for sharing the same memory segment. Unfortunately, it can result in the race-condition if not handled properly. Through logical partitions, there exists the ability of multiple processes to run simultaneously on the same memory. The hypervisor comes into play and determines the amount of memory allocated from the shared memory pool to each shared memory partition based on the workload (IBM, 2021). 


    Bansal, V. (2022, May 31) How to diffrenctiate Process and Images in Linux. Retrieved from

    IBM (2021, March 1) Overview of shared memory. Retrieved from

    Post 2.

    Anita Cutting posted Dec 5, 2022 7:39 AM


    Hello everyone and welcome to week 5,


    In any organization, two or more people are running a program simultaneously. Large organizations will have multiple employees accessing their ERP and possibly even the same module page concurrently. I may currently be accessing several programs using the same library since I am in Word with Teams and Outlook open and actively receiving instant messages and emails. This illustrates the need for shared pages. But not everything is sharable and may be read only. Problems occur with shared pages when many processes share the code (Tanenbaum & Bos, 2015).

    One or more processes are allowed to communicate with shared memory as it appears in address spaces. Pages are referenced by page table entries in the sharing processes page tables. Below is an illustration of shared memory are controlled via keys and access rights checking for a System V IPC (Rusling, n.d.).


    Illustration of Shared Memory



    Rusling, D.A. (n.d.) Shared Memory. Retrieved December 5, 2022.

    Tanenbaum, A.S. & Bos, H. (2015) Modern Operating Systems Fourth Edition. Pearson Education, Inc.



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