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33.&nbsp IgnoringTVM, when does a call holder (long call) make

    33.  IgnoringTVM, when does a call holder (long call) make money?34. What are the primary differences between forwardand futures contracts?35.  Discussthe significance of the joint-hypothesis problem.36.  What isarbitrage?  If there appears to be adifference between what a stock price is and what is should be, how mightarbitrage apply?37.  DescribePEAD.38.  Discussmomentum.  Can it exist if markets arematerially efficient?39.  Why dofinancial analysts oftentimes look at leading indicators when judgingsecurities?40.  If anaverage firm (relative to an industry), has a materially lower P/E ratio thandoes the industry as a whole, how could an investor potentially exploit thesituation?

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