3.3 Chapter 5

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In a few sentences, please respond to each of the following questions. Up to 10 points can be earned for a completed assignment, with partial credit available for incomplete responses.

  • Define the terms sensation, perception and transduction
  • Explain how our visual stimulus works including the anatomy of the eye and role that rods and cones play for vision
  • Explain how color vision works and what the causes of color blindness are
  • Explain how our auditory stimulus works including the anatomy of the ear and the role that the cochlea plays in hearing
  • Explain the biology of somatosenses including the various body senses and the role that the sensory receptors play
  • Explain the biology of the chemical senses (olfaction and gustation) including the anatomy of the tongue, the nose and the sensory receptor cells and sensations for these senses
  • Explain the individual differences in perceptions when it comes to the chemical senses
  • Identify and describe the five principles of perception


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