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21st-CenturySkills and StandardsInthis assignment, you need

    21st-CenturySkills and StandardsInthis assignment, you need to think about 21st century support systems, theCommon Core State Standards (CCSS), and International Society forTechnology in Education Student  (ISTE-S) standards and theirrelationship with quality instructional planning, delivery, and learnerachievement. Using the Framework for 21stcentury learning as a resource, you will redesign or modify a prioractivity, such as a lesson plan or curriculum project, that you created in aprior course. The redesigned coursework need to be a representation of yourmastery of the MAED program learning outcomes 5 and 7. This assignment will beuploaded to the course for evaluation and to your ePortfolio (Pathbrite). Ifyou do not have previous projects to use in this assignment, please contactyour instructor for guidelines on how to proceed. As needed,refer to theMAED program learning outcomes (PLOs) list.Create your assignment to meet the content and written communicationexpectations below.Content ExpectationsThe Redesign expectations explain what you are required to do with the priorcoursework you choose to redesign. The Summary expectations are for theseparate written portion of this assignment.Redesign – ISTE-S Standard (1Point): Redesign a lesson plan or curriculum project that reflects aminimum of one ISTE-S standard labeledwith number, title, and objective(s). For example: Creativityand Innovation o Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products andprocesses.Redesign – Grade Level / CCSS Alignment (1 Point):Redesign a lesson plan or curriculum project that clearly labels a gradelevel and content specific CCSS (Math or English LanguageArts) which is aligned with a minimum of one Core Subject and 21st Century Themes anda minimum of one Learning andInnovation Skill, one Information, Media, & Technology Skill, andevidence of at least one Life and Career Skill.Summary –Introduction/Conclusion (1 Point): In one paragraph, provide anintroductory summary that concisely presents the scope and organization ofthe summary writing and a one-paragraph conclusion that summarizes the keypoints of your summary. Summary – Modification (1 Point): In one paragraph,summarize the changes you made to address ISTE-S, CCSS, and 21st CenturySkills and how your activity addresses each. Explicitly state how yourredesign assignment provides evidence of master of PLO’s 5 and 7. Summary – Evaluation (1 Point): In one paragraph,evaluate the appropriate 21st century support system components that alignwith your redesigned activity and, using examples, evaluate how eachinfluences learner-centered instruction and the creation of atechnology-enriched learning environment promoting learner achievement andinnovations. 21st century support systems include: 21st century standards,assessment for 21st century skills, 21st century curriculum andinstruction, and 21st century learning environments.Summary – Reflection (1 Point):In one paragraph, summarize your experience with the redesign in terms ofchallenges you encountered and how you overcame those challenges.Written Communication ExpectationsPage Requirement (.5 points): Two to four pages, notincluding title and references pages.APA Formatting (.5 points): Use APA formattingconsistently throughout the assignment.Syntax and Mechanics (.5 points): Display meticulouscomprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics such as spellingand grammar. Source Requirement (.5 points):Reference three scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook. Allsources on the references page need to be used and cited correctly withinthe body of the assignment.

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