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What do these main points mean to your focus/claim and essay development?

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Now that you have significantly researched your topic(ARTS IN HEALTHCARE), write an issue paper of four to six pages where you consider the main points concerning your thesis(IMPORTANCE OF ARTS IN HEALTH AND HEALING). Each point you consider should contribute substantially to the development and support of your thesis(IMPORTANCE OF ART IN HEALTHCARE). Significantly explain these points, including source origin and credibility, and discuss your strategy for addressing them in your essay:
What are the main points of your thesis(IMPORTANCE OF ART IN HEALTHCARE)?
What do these main points mean to your focus/claim and essay development?
Why do you consider the points you identify as crucial? 
How will you address each main point in your essay? At what point will you introduce each thesis point and how will each main point relate to one another?
Conclude with a thorough discussion of the nature of opposition (at least one potential counter-argument) you have encountered regarding these points and the effect this opposition has had upon your thesis/essay development. Also, discuss how you will address the opposition to your thesis argument/your position on this topic.

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