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Critiquing Health Risk Campaign Video

Critiquing Health Risk Campaign Video
In Week 6, you developed a storyboard that could be used to create a video clip for the health risk related to your health communication campaign. How does a health educator go from developing a storyboard to capturing a video clip for a health communication campaign?
Not surprisingly, within the field of health education, budgets for certain heath programs do not account for extensive use of or development of media. Within the subset of health communication campaigns, health risk messages convey a health risk based on certain health behaviors. Nevertheless, by understanding how to create brief health risk messages, you can develop brief health risk videos without incurring large costs. These videos may also have the added benefit of reaching large segments of the population. When developing your video, you must convey a health risk associated with a behavior and offer resources to gain further information on the risk.
For this Discussion, review the storyboard that you developed in Week 6. Reflect on what considerations you should keep in mind when creating a video clip based on a storyboard for a health risk related to your health communication campaign. 
Post by Day 3 and upload a 2-minute video clip, based on the storyboard that you developed in Week 6. Keep in mind that you must convey a health risk associated with a health behavior that is related to your health topic of your health communication campaign. You should also offer and suggest resources for your intended audience to obtain further information on this health risk/health behavior. You may consult the Walden library as well as previous course resources for additional support. 
Remember to begin interaction with your colleagues in the Discussion no later than Day 5 and continue engaging through Day 7 and critique your colleagues’ videos for the clarity of the health risk message, accuracy, and its appropriateness. Then, suggest how your colleagues’ videos might be used to implement counter health marketing. Be specific and provide examples.
Note: For instructions on how to use upload your video clip refer to the Kaltura Media Uploader area of the course navigation menu

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