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The summary of your organization’s security weaknesses

This is a paper that focuses on the summary of your organization’s security weaknesses. The paper also identifies the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities across an entity.,The summary of your organization’s security weaknesses,Develop a two-page summary of your organization’s security weaknesses. Identify threats, risks, and vulnerabilities to achieve a holistic view of risk across the entity., Consider areas that should be improved from a technology perspective, a people perspective, and a policy perspective. Also note potential risks associated with maintaining the current security posture. You will reference this security assessment later when you make your business case and final recommendation.,The summary of your organization’s security weaknesses,Step 6: Security Models Summary, Confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA triad) as well as authentication and nonrepudiation are fundamental security concepts that must be considered when assessing and developing security options. Cybersecurity models have been develop to address some or all of these security concepts. While these models were generally created to address a specific business case, each of the models has attributes that could be used to assemble a custom security plan. In order to draft a custom security plan for your organization, you will need to understand basic security models.,You will identify key features, weaknesses, and targeted sectors and/or infrastructures. In this step and in Step 7, you will develop a short summary for each of the security models listed. These reports will serve as an Appendix A to your final memo and will document the security models and their attributes in advance of the memo that you will deliver with your recommended approach.,Each summary should include a descriptive and evaluative paragraph on the following attributes: Include the origins of the model. Main characteristics of the model (details on the business, sector, industry for whom the model was develop). Also, key features of the model. Write summaries for the following models:,Bell-LaPadula, Biba’s Strict Integrity Policy, Clark-Wilson, Chinese Wall,When you have completed these summaries, continue to Step 7, where you’ll write a summary for the next ,four security models,.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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