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The main themes in Chapter 6 of Affluenza Heart failure

This is a paper that focuses on the main themes in Chapter 6 of Affluenza Heart failure. The paper also contains several other questions to focus on writing the paper.,The main themes in Chapter 6 of Affluenza Heart failure,1‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍) Firstly, give a two paragraph summary of the main themes in Ch. 6 of Affluenza (“Heart Failure”). Reference at least 3 ideas of the chapter, including page numbers. 2) Summarize in a couple of paragraphs the main points of chapter 10 (“A Cancerous Culture”) by referencing (a) the quote on p. 99 from Donella Meadows; (b) The section entitled “Finding Real Wealth”; and (c) the section about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.,1) What is the GPI? Why do Ted Halstead and Clifford Cobb think it is a better measure of economic progress than the GDP? Illustrate with an example or two.,2) Secondly, explain the distinction Herman Daly makes between economic growth and economic development. Illustrate with examples. Why does Daly claim only the latter is sustainable?,3) Thirdly, explain the basic philosophy behind Your Money or Your Life. Contrast some of the values behind this program with the values of Affluenza. Explain and evaluate two of the “treatments” for Affluenza from the book which you think might be most effective. 2) Describe the kind of lifestyle it would take living in America for you to get close to using just one earth share. What is it about the social systems, infrastructure, and the like in our country that makes it so hard for an individual on his/her own to live using just their fair earth share? 3) Describe the formula used in computing the Happy Planet Index, and explain what it is designed to measure.,The main themes in Chapter 6 of Affluenza Heart failure,1) Firstly, give us a synopsis of the life a conventionally raised beef cow from calving to slaughter, mentioning all the places where corn plays a role.,2) Secondly, how has USDA policy contributed to the rise of King Corn?,3) Thirdly, what were the original principles of the organic movement, and how has Industrial Organic strayed from those principles? Why does Pollan think Industrial Organic is a contradiction in terms?,4) Fourthly, give three examples of how marketers of organic food use “supermarket pastoral” to entice (and often mislead) consumers.,5) Describe some of the benefits of Manag‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍ement Intensive Grazing as practiced on the Salatin farm. In other words, what exactly is the “omnivore’s dilemma”? 2) What is Pollan’s reasoned response to Peter Singer’s arguments against eating animals? Include his full response and ultimate conclusion, and also not just his initial reactions. 3) Share 3 things you learned from looking at the websites depicting CAFO’s and also slaughterhouses. At least one of these must be from ,Jennifer Dillard’s article,. Describe the general thesis of Woodard’s book, using only your own words. This should be a healthy paragraph.,2. Chose any colony you like in Part I, and give a brief summary of it’s origins and cultural values. Again, no quotes from the book. 3. Explain the two contrasting perspectives on freedom described in the chapter on founding Tidewater. 4. Additionally, describe the causes and nature of the colonies’ first revolt. Explain how the socalled War for Independence was not about establishing a democracy where the common folk ruled themselves instead of being subject to aristocratic control, like in England.,Lastly, recount briefly any 3 of the supposed 6 wars of liberation that Woodard claims constituted the battle for independence. 3. Also, carefully explain what motivated New England to want to succeed from the Union in the early part of the 19th century. Subsequently, explain the difference between Private Protestantism and also Public Protestantism, giving examples of each from the book. What is the legacy of these two different versions of Protestantism?, ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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