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TESCO business and management areas analysis

This is a paper that focuses on the TESCO business and management areas analysis. The paper also provides the key areas that you will focus in writing the paper.,TESCO business and management areas analysis,ASB-1206 Tutorials in Management, TESCO Assignment, In your ASB-1206 sessions this semester you will be introduced to 4 Business and Management areas (Communication, Work Design, Organisational Design & Structure, ,Managing Change,)., The purpose of the assignment is to apply theoretical concepts from these four areas to Tesco to create an integrated view of how the company has become so dominant in the UK in the 100 years since its foundation., You will complete one assignment of 3000 words in Semester TWO.,What you are to do in this assignment:, For each of the 4 areas summarise the main concepts and apply them to Tesco explaining how they have contributed to creating such a powerful organisation – this should take in the region of 2000 words. The remaining 1000 words will include the Conclusions that you can draw from your analysis and also Recommendations for other companies. References should be based upon the Harvard Referencing System.,Guidelines,The ASSIGNMENT will be marked AS A SINGLE REPORT. You should focus on the following aspects:, -Firstly, summary of the main concepts in the 4 areas (Communication, Work Design, Organisational Design & Structure, Managing Change), – Secondly, research into both academic and non academic articles in the 4 areas, – Thirdly, application to Tesco explaining why they have been successful, – Fourthly, recommendations to other organisations, – Lastly, logical structure to the report.,Format: business report with an Executive Summary, Main body (containing the 4 area and application to Tesco), Conclusion as to how these 4 areas have created such a dominant organisation & Recommendations for other companies. References should be based upon the Harvard Referencing System, Word count: 3000 words (the References listing and any appendices are OUTSIDE of this word count), Please do NOT cut and paste from the Internet – this is unfair practice (plagiarism) and you will be caught! You MUST use your own words.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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