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Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” 1200 words short essay writing

This is a paper that is requires a Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” 1200 words short essay writing. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” 1200 words short essay writing,Write a short essay of approximately 1,200 words on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” in connection with ONE of the following two prompts.  Note that in both prompts below, “central characters” means either Macbeth himself or ,Lady Macbeth,, and you should choose one of them to focus on, not both, as trying to do both will likely result in not discussing either one in sufficient detail,Compare a central character of Shakespeare’s play to an anti-hero/villain character of your choice in another work (e.g. film, TV, etc.).  Your thesis should indicate which of the two works was more effective in fostering a degree of empathy (however minimal) for the anti-hero/ villain, and a strong thesis should give a hint as to what sorts of details motivated this reaction., Some ideas as to what you may want to consider in your paper:,How much background is the audience given about the character, e.g. their personal history, challenges in their past, impact of close relationships, etc.?,To what extent is the character’s behavior deviant comparing to what is going on around them?, Which character causes more harm?  To whom do they cause harm (e.g. loved ones, strangers, society as a whole, themselves). Also, how extensive and/or irreparable is the damage?  To what extent are they reflective about their actions, acknowledging guilt vs. rationalizing it away?  Did they make their decisions freely, in a state of sound mind, or were they due to compromise or pressure?  Was the motivation by hate, by ambition, just oblivious, etc.?,What happens to the anti-hero/villain at the end of the story?  Does their fate seem proportionate to the harm they caused, or was it in some sense “over the top” so as to potentially cause the audience to feel bad for them despite their previous wrongdoing?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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