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Identification and analysis of theories of a case study

This is a paper that focuses on the identification and analysis of theories of a case study. The paper also focuses on the various topics fro the categories below.,Identification and analysis of theories of a case study,Considering the current situation, we are changing the summative assessment for this module to a single item of work. There is now no groupwork, no podcast and you do not need to include a reflective report mentioned in the previous assessment brief., Formative Assessment, As preparation for the summative assessment (see below), you should produce a plan for your report of not more than 450 words. This should include a brief description of:, Firstly, the ,problems in the case study, you wish to address., Secondly, the topics which we have covered in class, chosen from the list |(see below), Thirdly, the theories you intend to use for your analysis, Lastly, your recommendations.,This formative assessment should be submitted online through the ,Moodle page,., Summative Assessment, Each student is required to write an individual 2,500 word report on the issues that you have identified in the case study. You can share the research that you have already done in your group but each report must be individually written in your own words., Analysing the case study, you should use three topics, with relevant theories, with one from each of the three categories listed below, to apply to the problems that you have chosen from the case study. Your report should conclude by making recommendations for action.,Topics, There is no change to the list of topics. Choose one from each category., 1-      Category One, ·         National Culture,Organisational Culture,2-      Category Two, Leadership, Communication and Negotiation, Organisational Structure, Diversity,3-      Category three, ·         Motivation and HRM, ·         Ethics and CSR, Think in terms of applying theory to illuminate and deepen your analysis and conclude with recommendations for realistic, practicable solutions.,

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