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Focus on the international context of training and development

The review must focus on the international context of training and development– the course is international not general HRM. In the literature review you are require d to define and show understanding of both international training and international development although you may choose to discuss only one of these in detail.,Focus on the international context of training and development,The review must focus on the international context of training and development– the course is international not general HRM.,In the literature review you are require to define and show understanding of both international training and international development although you may choose to discuss only one of these in detail.,You need to decide which areas/themes will be the focus of your review and you will probably not have enough words to cover in as sufficient detail all the issues discussed in the lecture. Students are encourage  to write on only 2-4 of these themes and to focus on depth rather than trying to cover too many themes and only mentioning them briefly.,Some possible areas/themes from which you could choose to focus include:,Firstly, global mobility and training and development., Secondly,  the reasons organisations provide international training and development., Thirdly, the reasons organisatons may not invest in international training and development., Fourthly, pre-departure and post-arrival training., Further, types of international training., Also, ways in which international training is deliver ed., Additionally,  training of host country nationals., Also, international employee career development programmes., Besides, boundaryless careers of international employees., Lastly,You may choose to discuss other aspects of international training and development than the possible areas listed here.,Structure,Title page:,Include student name, student number, literature review topic, and word count (excluding reference list),Introduction: (approximately 200 words),In the introduction you should clearly explain  the focus of your review and issues you will cover in the review, You should also highlight the significance/importance of the topic (international training and development), You should also define any relevant key terms (i.e. international training and development),Review of the literature: (approximately 1300 words),The review of the literature should include several sub-headings under which you should discuss themes which you have selected (see themes above under the heading ‘Topic’).,A literature review, is an analysis of research conducted, by others. In doing this effectively, you should provide a critical review of the literature. This means that you need to do more than just summarise the literature. You need to highlight similarities, differences and contrasting views/issues that are raise d within the literature. In writing your literature review you could show similar and different views within the research by using phrases like those suggested in the following example: Smith (2010) and Wang (2012) both argued that……whereas Pappas (2015) had a contrasting view and suggested that…..,You should include country and organisational examples in the literature review.  You should not do a case study of a particular company or country but you should refer to a range of organisations and countries of relevance to your discussion of the literature.,Sort your research into a) themes within the general topic or b) chronological order in which the research was conduct ed.,Tips:,Read and read on this topic until you understand it very well., Start writing summaries of issues raised in articles and from this identify similarities and differences within the literature, Ensure that you demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the topic, Do not just summarise each article separately but integrate literature e.g.  culture has been define as ……(Adams, 2005, Papadopoulis, 2011, Wong, 2008)., Ensure that you consider differing views within the literature e.g. Adams (2005) suggests that culture is ……whereas Wong (2008) argues that culture is…..,Conclusion: (approximately 200 words),In the conclusion clearly summarise the key issues discussed in the literature review.,Recommendations (approximately 300 words),In the recommendations section you should provide your practical recommendations about policies/practices that should be develop ed by international organisations., The recommendations should be your own assessment of required policies/practices in relation to your topic – if you do relate it to prior literature this should be referenced, It should be clear as to how you have arrive d at your recommendations based on your analysis of the literature, Recommendations can be written in either essay format or you may use dot points,Reference List: (please note the reference list is not included as part of the word count),Attach a reference list containing only those items that have actually been refer to in the body of the assignment (not a bibliography of sources used)., You are required to cite a minimum of 10 academic journal articles (with some dated after 2015) from individually–researched, peer-reviewed academic journal articles., Refer to broad range of research – and avoid too much reference to a few sources, Page numbers of references should be included when quoting directly.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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