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Family of Origin Ecomap assignment consists of three parts

The Family of Origin Ecomap assignment consists of three parts, the Ecomap, the paper, and your video reflection of this exercise. Each section of this assignment needs to be turned in through Blackboard learn in the correct place to receive credit.,Family of Origin Ecomap assignment consists of three parts,The Family of Origin Ecomap assignment consists of three parts, the Ecomap, the paper, and your video reflection of this exercise. Each section of this assignment needs to be turned in through Blackboard learn in the correct place to receive credit. The location to turn all three components of the assignment is located in the Ecomap Paper of your Family of Origin Folder.,Combined this assignment is worth 40 points.,The Ecomap paper will showcase your knowledge and understanding of ecological and family systems theories, as well as your ability to apply the Ecomapping skill described in your van Wormer textbook and other course materials.,Ecomap Drawing (4 points): First, you will use your own family as the focus of an Ecomap and explicitly demonstrate the multiple points of connection between your family and larger social systems. (You will define the term “family” for yourself; however, you could also use a hypothetical family or peer/neighbour family unit with which you are familiar as long as you know a lot of details about the family.) In order to complete this portion of the assignment, you must create an ecomap that addresses, at minimum, the following five (5) family-systems interactions: extended family, work, school, local social service agencies, and government. You may include information on other relevant systems such as the ,health care system,, religious organizations, hobby/recreational groups, etc. The Ecomap may be drawn by hand and scanned as a pdf or jpeg or create d using MS Office software. Before uploading into a separate assignment portal.,TIPS,Please make sure you include a key/legend of how each of the systems are connect ed., A hand-written Ecomap will be accept ed and student who have completed handwritten Ecomaps have received full credit in the past. If you spend 2 minutes drawing some lines and circles on a piece of paper I will know and your grade for the Ecomap will be reflective of the effort you put into the work.,Use the writing center on campus. We are fortunate to have great supportive services on campus. Please use them., Ecomap Paper (32 points): Second, you will describe the connections between your own family and larger social systems illustrated in your Ecomap within a paper:,The first section of your paper will provide an introductory description of your family unit (however you are defining it). This should include information you deem relevant. Provide me with an understanding of your family unit. ALSO, its internal dynamics (e.g., marriages, divorces, ages, births, roles, responsibilities, etc.) (This section should be 1-2 pages.), The second section should contain detailed information describing each of the 5 mandatory (and other) social systems you referred to in your Ecomap. You should have at least 1 detailed paragraph for each family-system dynamic. You should use subheadings to delineate between family-system interactions.,(This section should be 2-4 pages.),The third section should contain a theoretical analysis of your family unit. From at least two different theoretical perspectives covered in this class. The two perspectives should need to be outline. A breakdown of the theory should be applied to your family unit. Be sure to include metaphors that have been discussed. Finally how the perspectives your chosen highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your family unit. (This section should be 4-5 pages),The final section should contain a feasible and appropriate intervention. Also, resources specifically addressing one (1) problematic family-system interaction that you identified in the previous section(s). For example, it is insufficient to state “Person X should receive a referral for therapy related to her binge drinking.” A well-crafted intervention plan should describe each of the following:,A connection between the theory underlying the family-system dynamic being addressed and the intervention. The type of therapy or intervention, goals for therapy or the intervention. Also, information about the therapeutic process/intervention and relationship, and other relevant details and resources.,Take the intervention and resources plan and paraphrase from reputable sources. Such as peer-reviewed literature (research articles from peer-review ed journals  in PsycINFO, PubMed, EBSCO, etc.). State and federal websites, and so on. Wikipedia is NOT a credible source! You should also not use newspapers, popular press journals, and other secondary sources.. (This section should be 2-3 pages minimum.),You should have a total of at least 6 APA cited journal entries throughout your paper.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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