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Essay about project management aspirations that clearly communicates

Submit an essay about project management aspirations that clearly communicates why the student is pursuing this career. No citations needed.,Essay about project management aspirations that clearly communicates,Submit an essay about project management aspirations that clearly communicates why the student is pursuing this career.,No citations needed.,More details;,Art of communication in project management,This paper focuses on the importance of communication in project management. Nothing is more important to the success of a project than effective communication. ,More effective communication = Better project management, is obviously to everyone in project management, but we do face difficulties in implementing it due to various factors like the nature of the project, structure of the organization etc. About 90% of the time in a project is on communication by the project manager.,If this continues in a project, there is a danger of missing the deliverables or other outcomes as required by the sponsor. This paper highlights more specific details like, what communication means in a project, the steps required for effective communication, the major obstacles in communication, how to overcome obstacles through communication sharing, the importance of communications in diverse work groups and provides a four-step process for effective communication explained with a case study. As all of us know, communication is not an absolute, finite thing.,Developing an effective communication plan is explain ed in steps on how to identify communication requirements: 5Ws (What, Why, Who, Where, When) and 1H (How). Enterprise ,environmental factors, and organizational process assets are also described.,So in short, if the steps outlined in this paper are considered and followed, more time would be saved for the project manager. Therefore, he or she can concentrate on other loopholes and successfully complete the project.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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