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Effects of the covid 19 pandemic on the poultry industry

This paper is about Effects of the covid 19 pandemic on the poultry industry. You are to write a 5 page paper in this assignment.,Effects of the covid 19 pandemic on the poultry industry,More details;,Covid-19 Effects of Poultry Farming; ,A Behaviour Response,As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic with health focussed measures such as hand washing, social distancing and personal protection equipment, the developing world has to make an extra consideration; food security.,Zero Hunger by 2030 is the second of the sustainable development goals. In 2016/2017 FAO classified  approximately 27.4% of the population in Africa as severely food insecure. This is almost four times as high as any other region and was before the Covid-19 crisis disrupted food supply chains in both rural and urban localities in Kenya. Even though food has been identified as an essential service to be provided. Local media reports that due to the Covid-19 crisis small and medium scale husbandry. Poultry production farmers have cut their production by more than 50%.,This raises red flags on the ripple effect this will have on supply of meat and eggs during this period. Part of the focus of securing food supply as an essential service is to provide access to nutrient diversity that is paramount in immunity of a population. Poultry meat and eggs are rich and also readily available sources of protein.  With lowered production, limited availability is inevitable which will likely result in prices going up.,The effect of disrupting the agricultural market supply chains was observed in 2014, with the ,Ebola outbreak, where restrictions and market closures disrupted flows of food and necessities. Additionally, shortages of goods led to an increase in prices of key commodities. The nutritional impact was predominantly attributable to reduced food access driven by a reduction in economic activity that reduced families’ purchasing power. ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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