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Do not cut our carbohydrates 

The paper focuses on Do not cut our carbohydrates. ,Prompt:, Expand that research and write a long-form (Classical), thesis-driven essay, in which you broaden the discussion of that topic, …,Do not cut our carbohydrates,Prompt:, Expand that research and write a long-form (Classical), thesis-driven essay, in which you broaden the discussion of that topic, modelling the appropriate rhetorical moves for “proper” college research essay. A “Classical” ,essay, is the style you learned to write in English 100 or the equivalent. It’s the kind in which the topic and thesis are introduce in the first paragraph, the ensuing body paragraphs support the thesis, and the conclusion restates the main arguments while offering some note on implications for future discussions. This essay will be no shorter than 5 full pages, utilizing a synthesis of outside sources (research) to help support your argument.,…And it MUST be an argument. Should you select this option, you must be clearly arguing something in your thesis, and the remainder of your writing should support that thesis.,For this essay, you must have:,A completely functional thesis statement,A functional synthes is of the evidence from sources outside of class,A cohesive and logical flow,A conclusion that not only restates your main ideas, but offers some new insight for the larger world, or your own perception on the topic going forward,Show that you’ve carefully read outside sources and considered multiple viewpoints,Show that you are really thinking about the topic, that your issue is complex,Write so that someone not in our class could understand it. Assume your audience is uninformed on this topic. That means you’ll need to briefly summarize key ideas/information and explain any unfamiliar terms.,Things to NOT do for this essay:,Instructor: Brandon Diaz English 221, Repeat yourself over and over in separate paragraphs. I get it—sometimes you run out of things to say, so you want to repeat yourself with different words but saying the same thing to meet page-length requirements. If it gets too repetitive, I stop reading.,You get bad grade. The challenge is to find a way to make your argument compelling over the duration of 5- pages., Write as if you were writing an op-ed. This type of writing is different rhetorical situation than an op-ed. It’s more formal.,Format, ● At least 5-6 typed pages, ● Essay should be 1.5-spacing, with 1 inch margins, 12-point font, Times, New Roman., ● Works Cited as a separate page; MLA format,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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