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Discuss a contemporary work from an artist from Metropolitan NYC

This is a paper that is requiring the student to discuss a contemporary work from an artist from Metropolitan NYC. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Discuss a contemporary work from an artist from Metropolitan NYC,Assignment #2:, Session 2 – Continuing traditions of Modern Art in the Arab World, Samia Halaby, ,, Mohamed Melehi, ,,This week we will explore additional artists from the Arab world whose art practices include ideas associated with Modernity yet in their development are also uniquely Arab?, Samia Halaby, although working and teaching in North America for many decades, continues to be represented and exhibited by galleries in Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue., Mohamed Melehi was a founder of the Art School. Which is the focus of the exhibition ‘New Waves: Mohamed Melehi and the Casablanca Art School Archives that will open in Dubai Alserkal Avenue on September 19th. Hopefully we can view the exhibition virtually., Both of these videos come from recent sessions of Sultan Sooud al-Qassimi’s Cultural Majlis Forum. You will remember that Sultan is also the founder of the Barjeel Foundation and also is a very dynamic person who continues to activate the arts scene in the UAE in so many ways!,Assignment,1)      Firstly, view videos of one of the contemporary artists above., 2)      Secondly, discuss how their art practice continues to include ideas that we associate with Modern Art or notions of Modernity. This can include additional research from the web., 3)      Thirdly, discuss how in the biography of both artists, their studying and working in Europe and North America contributed to the development of their ideas of Modern Art.,4)      Fourthly, can we consider the practice of these artists to be examples of ‘hybridity’. Where through their art practices they negotiate a new and unique articulation of Modernity which is specific to them. As well as any art movement they are active in? Explain how this ‘hybridity’ or unique and innovative combination creation?, 5)     Lastly, create your own drawing inspired by these artists or ideas or combining aspects of Modern art with those you are exploring in your own practice.,Assignment #3,After listening to our President HE Noura Al Kaabi talk (links are above) about the arts in the UAE. Sultan Suood al Qassimi about acquiring modern Arab art for his Barjeel Foundation and Claire Davies talk about acquiring modern and contemporary art of the Arab and Asian worlds for the Metropolitan Museum in NYC:, 1)      Pick one object – painting or sculpture from either the Barjeel or MET collections, 2)      Draw or otherwise reproduce an image of the work, 3)      Discuss the history of how the work was acquired (bought or through auction?). Also, what place it plays in narrating the history of modern and/or contemporary art in the Arab world.,Assignment #4, Look at the Presentation in BB Contents on the Hurufiyya Movement in Modern Arab Art:, 1)      Select one example of an artist’s work that exemplifies the hurufiyya movement, 2)      Draw the example you chose, 3)      In a few sentences discuss what roles the Arabic text has in the work, both visual as well as for its literal meaning.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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