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Compare gender roles in Haiti and  English-speaking Caribbean Island

This is a paper that requires the student to compare gender roles in Haiti and  English-speaking Caribbean Island. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Compare gender roles in Haiti and  English-speaking Caribbean Island,1. Compare gender roles in Haiti and either one English-speaking Caribbean island or one Spanish-speaking Caribbean island. (1000 words),2. Compare colonial rule in two distinct Caribbean islands of your choice (1000 words) (I chose Jamaica and Haiti, by Sydney Mintz) see attached.,To compare means to evaluate the similarities and the differences between two entities –in this case, between two societies. Therefore, you must say, explain, and evidence why two different countries are different and/or similar on a specific topic (gender roles, and colonial rule).,For these two question, you will ONLY use the course material—that is, reading assignments (see attached).,Sources:, For this essay, you will use all the reading assignments we have used in class as well as class discussions (see below).,No wikipedia.  Do not use other sources, especially not “Internet sources,” unless it comes from scholarly journals and scholarly books available through the ,Healey Library website, –and still, the class assignments are enough for you to write this essay.,General guidelines:,Organization of your paper:, You paper will contain an introduction, at least three sections, and a conclusion.  You introduction should include the subject, your thesis and, importantly, the structure of your paper –that is, the introduction should clearly say how many sections and subsections the paper contains and what they discuss.,Write clearly., Mention your sources for each quote or argument or idea you make a reference to (name of the author, title of the book, page number, either in footnote or in parenthesis in the text).  Quotes should not make more than 20% of the total length of your answer., Support your answers with relevant arguments and also examples from class materials., Demonstrate critical reading, critical thinking, synthesized thinking (as I explain in class)., Moral judgements (what is right, what is wrong) are no substitute for critical thinking.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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