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300 words “Is there such a thing as a cyber domain?

PLease answer the following question:  “Is there such a thing as a cyber domain? How is it similar to or distinct from other traditional physical domains? What are the consequences or challenges to policy makers due to any unique characteristics of cyberpower?” In your posts you should compare Rattray’s view with that of Libicki. What are the hazards Libicki warns us of by calling cyber a warfighting domain? What do we lose if we don’t?300 words  Due wed 1159 pm EST Chicago formatUse the 2 sources listed below for reference (THEY ARE ATTACHED) Kramer, Franklin D. (Eds) From Cyberspace to Cyberpower: Cyber Power and National Security, Chapter 10 “An Environmental Approach to Understanding Cyberpower” 253-274 (22 pages); Chapter 4 “A Graphical Introduction to the Structural Elements of Cyberspace” 91-112 (22 pages); Chapter 5 “Cyberspace and Infrastructure” 113-146 (34 pages); Chapter 6 “Evolutionary Trends in Cyberspace” 147-170 (24 pages).Libicki, Martin C. “Cyberspace is Not a Warfighting Domain.” I/S A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society 8:2 (2012): 325-40,

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